Lovers on a Beach, Sand, PEMV01P09_12BLovers on a Beach, Sand, PEMV01P09_13Lovers on a Beach, Sand, PEMV01P09_13BLovers on a Beach, Sand, PEMV01P09_14Lovers on a Beach, Sand, PEMV01P09_14BLovers on a Beach, Sand, PEMV01P09_15Lovers on a Beach, Sand, PEMV01P09_16PEMV01P10_01PEMV01P10_02PEMV01P10_03PEMV01P10_04PEMV01P10_06PEMV01P10_07PEMV01P10_07BPEMV01P10_08PEMV01P10_09PEMV01P10_10PEMV01P10_11PEMV01P10_12PEMV01P10_13PEMV01P10_15PEMV01P10_19PEMV01P13_01PEMV01P13_02PEMV01P13_03PEMV01P13_04PEMV01P13_05PEMV01P13_06PEMV01P13_07PEMV01P13_08PEMV01P13_09PEMV01P13_10PEMV01P13_11PEMV01P13_12PEMV01P13_13PEMV01P13_14PEMV01P13_15PEMV01P13_16PEMV01P13_17PEMV01P13_19PEMV01P15_12PEMV01P15_13PEMV01P15_14PEMV01P15_15PEMV01P15_16PEMV01P15_17PEMV01P15_18PEMV01P15_19Stripper, Topless, Boobs, gogo, go-go dancer, 1960s, PEID01_009Lady Friends on the Beach, Standing, RVLV10P15_13Lady Friends on the Beach, Standing, RVLV10P15_13BLady Friends on the Beach, Standing, RVLV10P15_13CLady Standing, PORD03_207Lady, PORD03_208Lady, PORD03_209Hat Lady Sitting, PORD03_210Hat Lady Sitting, PORD03_211Lady Sitting at a Balcony, PORD03_212Lady Sitting at a Balcony, PORD03_213Studebaker Commander, Arlington Virginia, 1955, 1950s, VCRV24P10_12Grandma and her Dynaflo Car, Buick, 1950s, VCRV24P10_18Smiling Girls and her new Bike, 1960s, SBYV01P06_09Woman Enters her Ford Customline Car, 1950s, VCRV24P11_09Formal Shawl and Dress, Woman, PORV29P13_09Woman Sittin, Formal, High Hells, 1950s, PORV31P02_10Woman Sittin, Formal, High Hells, 1950s, PORV31P02_11Woman Sittin, Formal, High Hells, 1950s, PORV31P02_12Two Lady Friends, Arbor Arch, 1950s, PORV31P02_14Woman Steering, Female, 1950s, PORV31P03_06Two Sisters Smiling, cars, suburbian, 1950s, PORV31P03_13Pretty Woman Pose, Female, PORV31P03_16Two Sisters, PORV31P03_19The Border Woman Face, 1950s, PFPV09P12_16Heart Harp Women, 1950s, PFPV09P12_18Little Girl at the Beach in Hawaii, Dance, RVLV10P15_14Little Girl with a Balsa Wood airplane, backyard, 1950s, TAMV01P06_19Lady in a Bikini and Hat, Lei, 1960s, PFAV03P05_16Leggy Lady in a Bikini and Hat, Lei, 1960s, PFAV03P05_17Woman in front of her Oldsmobile, VCRV24P12_13Ford Custom 1950, VCRV24P13_08Nude Beauty Contest, PENV01P11_05Audience at a Nude Beauty Contest, PENV01P11_06PENV03P07_07Cute Girl with her Doll, Pantsuit, Saddle Shoes, PLPV17P13_08Woman and Man Playing Around, 1950s, PEMV01P01_13Woman and Man Playing Around with Garter, 1950s, PEMV01P01_14Woman and Man Playing Around, Girdle, Garter, 1950s, PEMV01P01_15PENV03P08_11PENV03P08_12PENV03P08_15PENV03P08_16PENV03P08_19Funny Ladies, Crossdressers, Men in Drag, Womanless, PETV01P04_16Mother and Baby Boy, Changing Table, Diaper Pins, 1950s, PMCV04P04_08Mother with her Baby, hat, smiles, dress, formal, 1950s, PMCV04P04_09Tree, Mother and Daughter, sofa, 1950s, PMCV04P04_06Mother with son, Boy, Car, 1950s, PMCV04P04_07Mom Diaper Change, Pins, PMCV04P04_08BBathing Suit Lady, PFAV03P04_01Big Jump, Lady Wearing a Bikini, Flower Bellybutton, PFAV03P05_18Ford Ranch Wagon, House, suburbs, 1950s, VCRV24P13_01Man Wearing Dress, sissy, polka-dot, PARV03P05_04Man Wearing Dress, sissy, polka-dot, PARV03P05_05Man Wearing Dress, sissy, polka-dot, PARV03P05_06Woman in Full Cut Panties bikini, towel, 1960s, PFAV03P03_04Woman in Full Cut Panties bikini, 1960s, PFAV03P03_11Woman in Full Cut Panties bikini, 1960s, PFAV03P03_11BPETV01P03_18Grandma Hugs Panty sissy, Stockings, shoes, PETV01P04_18Mod Dress women on a float, 1960s, PFPV09P14_06Fairlane Sunliner, Smilling Lady, Ford Car, 1950s, VCRV24P15_02Girl in a Trance at a Ketchak Monkey Dance, EDAV02P15_02BMother and Baby Girl, legs, smiles, PMCV04P04_11Mother and Baby Girl Sitting, legs, smiles, PMCV04P04_10Mother and Baby Girl, legs, smiles, PMCV04P04_10BMother and Baby Girl, legs, smiles, PMCV04P04_11BTricycle, Girl Peddling, formal dress, sidewalk, 1950s, PLGV03P12_01BPetticoat Lady, High Heels, PFAV02P01_09Red Petticoat Lady, PFAV07P10_15Smiling School Children in a Classroom, Boys, Girls, KEDV05P10_09BStanford Cheerleader at Rose Bowl, Pleated Skirt, Sweater, Female, SFBV01P01_14Stage Camera Operator, NBC. Video, EFTV01P02_19Senior Woman sitting, cane, house, POUV01P01_16Anti Taxation Demonstration, 19 April 1984, PRSV01P08_03Anti Taxation Demonstration, 19 April 1984, PRSV01P08_04Anti Taxation Demonstration, Post Office, 19 April 1984, PRSV01P08_13Anti Taxation Demonstration, Post Office, 19 April 1984, PRSV01P08_14
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