Farm Animals

Jersey Cows, Cattle, Dairy, Sonoma County, ACFD01_080Jersey Cows, Cattle, Dairy, Sonoma County, ACFD01_081Jersey Cows, Cattle, Dairy, Sonoma County, ACFD01_082Red Barns, Trees, Hillside, Sonoma County, ACFD01_083Jersey Cows, Cattle, Dairy, Sonoma County, ACFD01_084A Cow Hug, Jersey Cows, Dairy, Sonoma County, ACFD01_085Jersey Cows, Cattle, Dairy, Sonoma County, ACFD01_086Jersey Cows, Cattle, Dairy, Sonoma County, ACFD01_087Jersey Cows, Cattle, Dairy, Sonoma County, ACFD01_088Jersey Cows, Cattle, Dairy, Sonoma County, ACFD01_089Jersey Cows, Cattle, Dairy, Sonoma County, ACFD01_090Cows, Cattle, Sonoma County, ACFD01_091Cows, Cattle, Sonoma County, ACFD01_092Cows, Cattle, Tomales Bay, Point Reyes, Marin County, ACFD01_093Cows, Cattle, Marin County, Grass Field, ACFD01_094Cows, Cattle, Marin County, ACFD01_095Cows, Cattle, Marin County, ACFD01_096Cows, Cattle, Marin County, ACFD01_097Cows, Cattle, Marin County, ACFD01_098Cows, Cattle, Marin County, ACFD01_099Cows, Cattle, Marin County, ACFD01_100Cows, Cattle, Marin County, ACFD01_101Cows, Cattle, Marin County, ACFD01_102Cows, Cattle, Marin County, ACFD01_103Cows, Cattle, Marin County, silhouette, ACFD01_104Cows, Cattle, Marin County, silhouette, ACFD01_105Cows, Cattle, Marin County, ACFD01_106Cows, Cattle, Marin County, ACFD01_107Cows, Cattle, Tomales Bay, Point Reyes, Marin County, ACFD01_108Cows, Cattle, Marin County, ACFD01_109Cows, Cattle, Marin County, Panorama, ACFD01_110Cows, Cattle, Marin County, ACFD01_111Cows, Cattle, Marin County, ACFD01_112Cows, Cattle, Marin County, ACFD01_113Cows, Cattle, Marin County, ACFD01_114Cows, Cattle, Marin County, ACFD01_115Cows, Cattle, Marin County, ACFD01_116Cows, Cattle, Marin County, ACFD01_117Cows, Cattle, Marin County, ACFD01_118Cows, Cattle, Sonoma County, ACFD01_119Cows, Cattle, Sonoma County, ACFD01_120Cows, Cattle, Tomales Bay, Marin County, ACFD01_121Cows, Cattle, Marin County, Tomales Bay, ACFD01_122Cows, Cattle, Sonoma County, Two-Rock, ACFD01_123Cows, Cattle, Sonoma County, Two-Rock, ACFD01_124Cows, Marin County, California, ACFD01_125Cows, Marin County, California, ACFD01_126Cows, Marin County, California, ACFD01_127Cows, Marin County, California, ACFD01_128Rainbow, Hills, Trees, Buildings, Two-Rock, Sonoma County, Grass Field, ACFD01_129Cows, Marin County, California, ACFD01_130Cows, Marin County, California, ACFD01_131Cows, Marin County, California, ACFD01_132Cows, Marin County, California, ACFD01_133Cows, Marin County, California, ACFD01_134Cows, Marin County, California, ACFD01_135Cows, Marin County, California, ACFD01_136Jersey Cows, Hills, Fields, Bodega Sonoma County, ACFD01_137Jersey Cows, Hills, Fields, Bodega Sonoma County, ACFD01_138Cows, Marin County, California, ACFD01_139Cows, Marin County, California, ACFD01_140Cows, Sonoma County, California, ACFD01_141Jersey Cows, Sonoma County, California, ACFD01_142Jersey Cows, Hills, Fields, Bodega Sonoma County, ACFD01_143Jersey Cows, Hills, Fields, Bodega Sonoma County, ACFD01_144Jersey Cows, Water, Lake, Reservoir, Pond, Bodega Sonoma County, ACFD01_145Sonoma County, California, ACFD01_146Jersey Cows, Water, Lake, Pond, Reservoir, Bodega Sonoma County, ACFD01_147Jersey Cows, Pond Water, Lake, Reservoir, Bodega Sonoma County, ACFD01_148Jersey Cows, Water, Lake, Reservoir, Pond, Bodega Sonoma County, ACFD01_149Pond, Jersey Cows, Water, Lake, Reservoir, Bodega Sonoma County, ACFD01_150Jersey Cows, Sonoma County, California, ACFD01_151Jersey Cows, Sonoma County, California, ACFD01_152Jersey Cows, Sonoma County, California, ACFD01_153Cow, Cattle, Bull, ACFPCD0652_121CCow, Cattle, ACFV02P01_01Cow, Cattle, ACFV02P02_01Cow, Cattle, ACFV02P02_01BCow, Cattle, ACFV02P02_02Cow, Cattle, ACFV02P02_02BCow, Cattle, ACFV02P02_05Cow, Cattle, ACFV02P02_06Cow, Cattle, ACFV02P02_08Cow, Cattle, ACFV02P02_08BBrahma, Man, Male, Cattle, Cow, ACFV02P02_09Brahma, Girl, Cattle, ACFV02P02_10Brahma, Man, Male, Cattle, ACFV02P02_11Brahma, Girl, Cattle, ACFV02P02_17Brahma, Girl, Cattle, ACFV02P02_17BBrahma, Girl, Cattle, ACFV02P02_18Brahma, Girl, Cattle, ACFV02P02_18BGoats, Nepal, Araniko Highway, ACFV02P03_04Goats, Nepal, Araniko Highway, ACFV02P03_07Goats, Nepal, Araniko Highway, ACFV02P03_07BGoats, Nepal, Araniko Highway, ACFV02P03_08Goats, Nepal, Araniko Highway, ACFV02P03_09Goats, Nepal, Araniko Highway, ACFV02P03_09BGoats, Nepal, Araniko Highway, ACFV02P03_11Goats, Nepal, Araniko Highway, ACFV02P03_14Goats, Nepal, Araniko Highway, ACFV02P03_15Goats, Nepal, Araniko Highway, ACFV02P03_16Goats, Nepal, Araniko Highway, ACFV02P03_17Beef Cows, ACFV02P03_19Beef Cows, ACFV02P04_02Cows, Cumulus Clouds, ACFV02P04_04Beef Cows, ACFV02P04_10Cows grazing on a hillside, ACFV02P04_13Branding, Calf, Cowboy, ACFV02P04_16Branding, Calf, ACFV02P04_17Branding, Calf, ACFV02P04_17BBranding, Calf, Cows, Beef Cows, ACFV02P04_18Branding, Calf, Cows, Beef Cows, ACFV02P04_18BBranding, Calf, ACFV02P05_02Branding, Calf, Boy, ACFV02P05_03Branding, Calf, Boy, ACFV02P05_04Branding, Calf, Boy, ACFV02P05_05Branding, Calf, Boy, ACFV02P05_06Branding, Calf, Boy, ACFV02P05_06BBranding, Calf, ACFV02P05_13Branding, Calf, ACFV02P05_13BBranding, Calf, ACFV02P05_15Branding, Calf, ACFV02P05_15BBranding, Calf, ACFV02P05_16Branding, Calf, ACFV02P05_16BBranding, Calf, ACFV02P05_18Branding, Calf, ACFV02P05_18BBranding, Calf, Cowboy, ACFV02P06_01Branding, Calf, Cowboy, ACFV02P06_03Branding, Calf, Cowboy, Hat, ACFV02P06_04Branding, Calf, Cowboy, ACFV02P06_05Branding, Calf, Cowboy, ACFV02P06_06Branding, Calf, Cowboy, Rope, Herd, Horse, ACFV02P06_07Branding, Calf, Cowboy, Hat, ACFV02P06_08Branding, Calf, Cowboy, ACFV02P06_09Branding, Calf, Cowboy, ACFV02P06_10Branding, Calf, inoculating a calf, Cowboy, ACFV02P06_11Branding, Calf, ACFV02P06_12Branding, Calf, ACFV02P06_13Branding, Calf, ACFV02P06_14Branding, Calf, Cowboy, ACFV02P06_15Branding, Calf, Cowboy, ACFV02P06_16Branding, Calf, Cowboy, ACFV02P06_16BBranding, Calf, Girl, Smiles, ACFV02P06_17Branding, Calf, Girl, Smiles, ACFV02P06_17Binoculating a calf, Branding, Calf, Cowboy, ACFV02P06_19inoculating a calf, Branding, Cowboy, ACFV02P06_19BBranding, Calf, inoculating a calf, Cowboy, ACFV02P07_01Branding, Calf, inoculating a calf, Cowboy, ACFV02P07_01BBranding, Calf, inoculating a calf, Cowboy, ACFV02P07_03Branding, Calf, inoculating a calf, Cowboy, ACFV02P07_03BBranding, Calf, inoculating a calf, Cowboy, ACFV02P07_04Branding, Calf, ACFV02P07_04BBranding, Calf, ACFV02P07_05Branding, Calf, ACFV02P07_05Binoculating a calf, Cowgirl, Hat, Branding, Calf, ACFV02P07_06inoculating a calf, Branding, Calf, ACFV02P07_06Binoculating a calf, Branding, Calf, ACFV02P07_08Branding, Calf, Burn, ACFV02P07_09BRocky Mountains, Wyoming, Branding, Calf, ACFV02P07_13Rocky Mountains, Wyoming, Branding, Calf, ACFV02P07_13Bthe magic of nothing cow, ACFV02P07_19a cow now in motion, ACFV02P07_19BACFV02P08_12ACFV02P08_131960's, ACFV02P08_14ACFV02P09_04ACFV02P09_05ACFV02P09_08ACFV02P09_09ACFV02P09_10ACFV02P09_11Sheep Shearing, Herding wool, ACFV02P10_03Sheep grazing, wool, ACFV02P10_14lone cow grazing, ACFV02P10_15Sheep Running, ACFV02P11_08Sheep, ACFV02P11_12Sheep, ACFV02P11_14Cows, Feeding, Beef Cows, ACFV02P13_01cows, ACFV02P13_06ACFV02P13_10cows grazing far away, ACFV02P14_01ACFV02P14_02ACFV02P15_15ACFV02P15_16Bull, Steer, Cattle, 1950's, ACFV03P04_15ACFV03P06_15Girl with a calf, 1959, ACFV04P07_02BPigs and hogs on the move, silo, ACFV04P07_11BRows of Sheep on a hillside, ACFV04P08_02Big Barn, Horse, Eaton Farm, Lexington, Kentucky, 1983, 1980's, AHSV02P11_07Fields, Horse, Eaton Farm, Lexington, Kentucky, AHSV02P11_08Eaton Farm, Lexington, Kentucky, AHSV02P11_09Eaton Farm, Lexington, Kentucky, AHSV02P11_10Eaton Farm, Lexington, Kentucky, AHSV02P11_11Eaton Farm, Lexington, Kentucky, AHSV02P11_12Eaton Farm, Lexington, Kentucky, AHSV02P11_13Eaton Farm, Lexington, Kentucky, AHSV02P11_14Eaton Farm, Lexington, Kentucky, AHSV02P11_15Eaton Farm, Lexington, Kentucky, AHSV02P11_16Eaton Farm, Lexington, Kentucky, AHSV02P11_17
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