Farm Animals

PLPV07P03_17PLPV07P03_18PLPV07P03_19Pink Pig, Flying a Kite, SKTV01P08_06Pink Pig, Flying a Kite, SKTV01P08_07Pink Pig, Flying a Kite, SKTV01P08_08Pink Pig, Flying a Kite, SKTV01P08_09Pink Pig, Flying a Kite, SKTV01P08_10Bay to Breakers foot race, SRSV03P08_07Bay to Breakers foot race, SRSV03P08_08Bay to Breakers foot race, SRSV03P08_09Bay to Breakers foot race, SRSV03P08_10Border Patrol, MARFA, Garner, Texas, TADV01P05_04Interstate Highway I-580, cars, green Hills, Altamont Pass, California, TPWV01P03_14Hills, Interstate Highway I-580, Altamont Pass, California, TPWV01P03_15Altamont Pass, California, TPWV01P04_07Altamont Pass, California, TPWV01P04_13Hill, Altamont Pass, California, TPWV01P04_14Hills, Altamont Pass, California, TPWV01P04_15Hills, Altamont Pass, California, TPWV01P04_15.1716Hills, Wind farms, Altamont Pass, TPWV01P05_06Wind farms, Altamont Pass, Spinning Blades, Eclipse Windmill, TPWV01P06_07Wind farms, Altamont Pass, Eclipse Windmill, TPWV01P06_08Sheep, Road, Roadway, Highway, VCRV01P01_17.0898cows grazing, Road, Roadway, Highway, VCRV13P15_18cow crossing, VCRV15P03_06Oxen and Cart, Man, Mumbai, Bombay, VCVV01P02_14.0569Brahma Bulls, Cattle, Cart, Blue Horns, Sevegram, VCVV01P02_08.0569Bayad Taluka, VCVV01P04_11.0569ox, Bayad Taluka, VCVV01P05_09water derrick truck, Sheep, Turlock, VCZV01P06_09Goat Creature Gargoyle, CEFV03P11_10Tilling Soil, Plowing, Farmer, Oxen, Oxen, Cow, Bull, Brahma, FMAV01P06_03Tilling Soil, Plowing, Farmer, Oxen, Oxen, Cow, Bull, Brahma, FMAV01P06_04Tilling Soil, Plowing, Farmer, Oxen, Cow, Bull, Brahma, soil, dirt, FMAV01P06_06Tilling Soil, Plowing, Farmer, Oxen, Cow, Bull, Brahma, soil, dirt, FMAV01P06_08Tilling Soil, Plowing, Farmer, Oxen, Cow, Bull, Brahma, soil, dirt, FMAV01P06_09Tilling Soil, Plowing, Farmer, Oxen, Cow, Bull, Brahma, soil, dirt, FMAV01P06_10Tilling Soil, Plowing, Farmer, Oxen, Cow, Bull, Brahma, soil, dirt, FMAV01P06_11Farmer, Oxen, Oxen, Cow, Bull, Brahma, FMAV01P06_12Farmer, Oxen, Oxen, Cow, Bull, Brahma, FMAV01P06_13Farmer, Oxen, FMAV01P06_14Farmer, Oxen, FMAV01P06_15Farmer, Oxen, FMAV01P06_16Brahama bulls, Farmer, Oxen, FMAV01P06_17Farmer, Oxen, FMAV01P06_19Cow, Cattle, Slum, Mumbai, (Bombay), India, POVV01P09_04sheep, lamb, Southern Australia, ACFV04P05_10sheep, lamb, Southern Australia, ACFV04P05_11Sheep, Southern Australia, ACFV04P05_12sheep, Southern Australia, ACFV04P05_13goat, near Santiago, Cuba, ACFV04P05_14pig, near Santiago, Cuba, ACFV04P05_15pig, near Santiago, Cuba, ACFV04P05_16sheep, Lamb, Ireland, ACFV04P03_08Highland Bull, Scotland, ACFV04P03_09Highland Bull, Scotland, ACFV04P03_10Beach, Boat, Sand, Cow, Aran Island, Ireland, ACFV04P03_11Cows, reflection, Canal, Burgandy, France, Beef Cows, ACFV04P03_12Cows, Beef Cows, ACFV04P03_13Cows, Beef Cows, ACFV04P03_14sheep, Lindale, New Zealand, ACFV04P03_15lamb, sheep, Lindale, New Zealand, ACFV04P03_16sheep, Dougardare, Iran, ACFV04P03_17sheep, Dougardare, Iran, ACFV04P03_18sheep, Dougardare, Iran, ACFV04P03_19sheep, Dougardare, Iran, ACFV04P04_01sheep, Dougardare, Iran, ACFV04P04_02sheep, Dougardare, Iran, ACFV04P04_03sheep, Dougardare, Iran, ACFV04P04_04sheep, Dougardare, Iran, ACFV04P04_05sheep, Dougardare, Iran, ACFV04P04_06sheep, Dougardare, Iran, ACFV04P04_07sheep, Dougardare, Iran, ACFV04P04_08sheep, Dougardare, Iran, ACFV04P04_09sheep, Dougardare, Iran, ACFV04P04_10Woman beating sheep with a stick, sheep, Dougardare, Iran, ACFV04P04_11Donkey, Dougardare, Iran, ACFV04P04_12Sheep, Dougardare, Iran, ACFV04P04_13Sheep, Dougardare, Iran, ACFV04P04_14sheep, Dougardare, Iran, ACFV04P04_15Sheep, Dougardare, Iran, ACFV04P04_16sheep, Dougardare, Iran, ACFV04P04_17sheep, Dougardare, Iran, ACFV04P04_18sheep, Dougardare, Iran, ACFV04P04_19sheep, Dougardare, Iran, ACFV04P05_01goat, sheep, Dougardare, Iran, ACFV04P05_02sheep, Waioreka, New Zealand, ACFV04P05_03sheep, Waioreka, New Zealand, ACFV04P05_04Sheep Herding Dog, sheep, Waioreka, New Zealand, ACFV04P05_05sheep, Waioreka, New Zealand, ACFV04P05_06sheep, Waioreka, New Zealand, ACFV04P05_07sheep, Waioreka, New Zealand, ACFV04P05_08black cows, Waioreka, New Zealand, Beef Cows, ACFV04P05_09goats on a roof, Grass sod roof, Green Bay Peninsula, Door County, CLWV01P07_01Oxen, Ox, wheat threshing, Animal Power, FMJV01P07_17PKFV01P11_16Sheep, Lambs, ACFV01P01_17ACFV01P03_13Sheep, Aspen, Colorado, ACFV04P05_18Sheep, Aspen, Colorado, ACFV04P05_19Cow, ACFV04P06_01Pig, eating from a trough, Cooperstown, New York, ACFV04P06_02Cow, barn, water, brook, stream, northern California, ACFV04P06_03Cows, Gaspe Peninsula, Beef Cows, ACFV04P06_04Dirt Road, Cows, Gaspe Peninsula, Beef Cows, unpaved, ACFV04P06_05Cows, Gaspe Peninsula, Beef Cows, ACFV04P06_06Dairy Cows, Pearl Island, Japan, ACFV04P06_07Dairy Cows, Pearl Island, Japan, ACFV04P06_08Goats, near Granada, Spain, ACFV04P06_09Cow, Calf, Sierra-Mountains, Spain, ACFV04P06_10Sheep Herder, near Granada, Spain, ACFV04P06_11Goats, Tangiers, Morocco, ACFV04P06_12cow, Normandy, France, ACFV04P06_13cow, calf, sucklilng, drinking milk, utter, ACFV04P06_14pigs, ACFV04P06_15Pigs eating, pen, Pala, California, ACFV04P06_16cow, ACFV04P06_17cow, Quebec, ACFV04P06_18Quebec, ACFV04P06_19cow, Colorado, ACFV04P07_01Goat, Saudi Arabia, ACFV04P07_03sheep, South Island, New Zealand, ACFV04P07_04Cows, South Island, New Zealand, Beef Cows, ACFV04P07_05Eclipse Windmill, water, Pond, Nebraska, ACFV04P07_06Big Dairy Cow, Amargosa Valley, CSNV06P13_09Sheep, ACFV04P07_07Running sheep, herding, herder, Dog Chasing, ACFV04P07_08Sheep, Dog, ACFV04P07_09Cows, near Zion NP, Springfield, Utah, ACFV04P07_10Pigs, Silo, Ohio, ACFV04P07_11Cow, person, people, playful, licking, tongue, New Hampshire, ACFV04P07_12cow, cattle, Dakar, Senegal, ACFV04P05_17Barn, Pond, Fields, Clouds, Hills, ACFD01_001Cow, Fields, Trees, Hills, ACFD01_002Cow, Fields, Trees, Hills, ACFD01_003Cow, Fields, Trees, Hills, ACFD01_004Cow, Fields, Trees, Hills, ACFD01_005Cow, Fields, Trees, Hills, ACFD01_006Cow, Fields, Trees, Hills, ACFD01_007ACFD01_008ACFD01_009ACFD01_010Sheep butting heads, ACFV04P07_13Cows, Eating, dirt road, tree, hills, North Carolina, unpaved, ACFV04P07_14Cows, Appenzell, ACFV04P07_15Cows, Appenzell, ACFV04P07_16Cow, Albis Pass, ACFV04P07_17Cow, ACFV04P07_18ACFV04P07_19steer skull, ACFV04P08_01ACFV04P08_03Rancho Canada de los Vaqueros, March 1974, ACFV04P08_10Cows, home, house, residence, building, barn, road, ACFV04P08_04Dairy Cow, ACFV04P08_05Cow, Calf, ACFV04P08_06Pig, Batak Indonesia, ACFV04P08_07Cow, Dirt Road, Fence, Rolling Hills, unpaved, Rolling Hills, east of Walnut Creek, ACFV04P08_08Cows, Hills, Barn, home, house, building, Beef Cows, Rancho Canada de los Vaqueros, March 1974, ACFV04P08_09cows, Beef Cows, Rancho Canada de los Vaqueros, March 1974, ACFV04P08_11cows, Beef Cows, Rancho Canada de los Vaqueros, March 1974, ACFV04P08_12cows, Beef Cows, Rancho Canada de los Vaqueros, March 1974, ACFV04P08_13Ranch, Beef Cows, Rancho Canada de los Vaqueros, March 1974, ACFV04P08_14Cowboys, Ranch, barn, hills, Beef Cows, Rancho Canada de los Vaqueros, March 1974, ACFV04P08_15Cowboys, Barn, hills, Beef Cows, Rancho Canada de los Vaqueros, March 1974, ACFV04P08_16Cows, hills, Beef Cows, Rancho Canada de los Vaqueros, March 1974, ACFV04P08_17Cows, Beef Cows, Rancho Canada de los Vaqueros, March 1974, ACFV04P08_18cows, Beef Cows, Rancho Canada de los Vaqueros, March 1974, ACFV04P08_19Cows and Sheep Grazing, ACFV04P09_01Diablo Range, Santa Clara County, ACFV04P09_02Water Troughs, Tub, Diablo Range, Santa Clara County, ACFV04P09_03sheep, Border Collie, Australian Bluehair, Herding, near Rotura, ACFV04P09_04Sheep, Quonset Hut, ACFV04P09_05sheep, ACFV04P09_06sheep, ACFV04P09_07sheep grazing, ACFV04P09_08Sheep, Lamb, Ewe, Tasmania, ACFV04P09_09Fence, Mountains, Sheep Grazing, ACFV04P09_10Cow, Calf, ACFV04P09_11cow, ACFV04P09_12Pig, Ronald and Susie the Sow, 1950's, ACFV04P09_13Bull, Cattle, ACFV04P09_14Grandma with Cat, ACFV04P09_15Cat in a Suitcase, luggage, funny, humor, humorous, ACFV04P09_16cows, Beef Cows, fence, grazing, ACFV04P09_17Cows, fence, grazing, ACFV04P09_18Sheep, Dust, Aranjuez, ACFV04P09_19Sheep, Water, river, berm,  Aranjuez, ACFV04P10_01Herder, pigs, sow, Appenzel, 1963, 1960's, ACFV04P10_02pigs, hogs, street, buildings, ACFV04P10_03Cows Grazing, Valley, Mountains, ACFV04P10_04cows, ACFV04P10_05Goat, Volkswagen Bug, Volvo, Cars, automobile, vehicles, 1950's, ACFV04P10_06goat, ACFV04P10_07Valley, Mountains, ACFV04P10_08Cow, harbor, islands, shore, shoreline, Crete, ACFV04P10_09Sheep, forest, trees, Corfu Island, ACFV04P10_10Sheep, Corfu Island, ACFV04P10_11Sheep, Corfu Island, ACFV04P10_12Sheep, deciduous Trees, Forest, Corfu Island, ACFV04P10_13
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