Dead Horse, Delhi, India, AHSV02P08_03Horse, Delhi, India, 1974, AHSV02P08_04Horse, Delhi, India, AHSV02P08_05Red Fort, New Delhi, 1950s, CAIV01P02_07.3337Red Fort, New Delhi, Ivory Mosque in background, 1951, 1950s, CAIV01P02_08Red Fort, New Delhi, Ivory Mosque in background, 1951, 1950s, CAIV01P02_08.0626Lakshminarain Temple, New Delhi, 1951, 1950s, CAIV01P02_09.0626Birla Mandir Temple, New Delhi, 1951, 1950s, CAIV01P02_10.3337Safdar Jung's Tomb, New Delhi, 1951, 1950s, CAIV01P02_11.0626Qutab Minar Iron Pillar, 238 feet high, 379 steps, built in 1388, near New Delhi, 1950s, CAIV01P02_13.0626Qutab Minar Iron Pillar, 238 feet high, 379 steps, built in 1388, near New Delhi, 1950s, CAIV01P02_14.0626from the top of Qutab Minar, near New Delhi, 1950s, CAIV01P02_15.0626Tomb of Qutab Minar, near New Delhi, 1950s, CAIV01P02_16.3337Iron Pillar, Qutab Minar, near New Delhi, 1950s, CAIV01P02_17.0626Humayungs' Tomb, built by his wife Issgao, near New Delhi, 1950s, CAIV01P02_18.0626Red Fort, Delhi, 1950s, CAIV01P05_09.3337Red Fort, Delhi, 1950s, CAIV01P05_10.3337Red Fort, Delhi, 1950s, CAIV01P05_11.3337Red Fort, Delhi, 1950s, CAIV01P05_12Red Fort, Delhi, 1950s, CAIV01P05_12.0626Red Fort, Delhi, 1950s, CAIV01P05_13.0626Delhi, 1950s, CAIV01P06_05.0626New Delhi, 1950s, CAIV01P06_14.3337New Delhi, 1950s, CAIV01P06_15.0626New Delhi, 1950s, CAIV01P06_15BNew Delhi, landmark, 1950s, CAIV01P06_16.0626New Delhi, 1950s, CAIV01P06_17.0626Cars, automobile, vehicles, New Delhi, 1950s, CAIV01P06_18.3337New Delhi, 1950s, CAIV01P06_19.3337New Delhi, 1950s, CAIV01P07_01.0626New Delhi, 1950s, CAIV01P07_01B.0626Elephant, Wall Carvings, New Delhi, 1950s, CAIV01P07_02.0626New Delhi, 1950s, CAIV01P07_03.0626New Delhi, 1950s, CAIV01P07_04.3337New Delhi, 1950s, CAIV01P07_05.0626India Gate, this monument has the names of numerous Indian soldiers killed in various wars, New Delhi, 1950s, CAIV01P09_12.0627Qutbminar, New Delhi, 1950s, CAIV01P09_13.0627New Delhi, 1950s, CAIV01P09_14.0627New Delhi, 1950s, CAIV01P09_15.3337Char Bagh Garden's quadrilateral layout, Humayun's Tomb, Delhi, 1950s, CAIV01P09_16.0627Delhi, 1950s, CAIV01P09_17.0627Delhi, 1950s, CAIV01P09_18.3337Safdarjung Tomb, Delhi, India, 1950s, CAIV01P09_19Safdarjung Tomb, Delhi, India, 1950s, CAIV01P09_19BSafdarjung Tomb, Delhi, India, 1950s, CAIV01P09_19CSher Shah Mosque, Delhi, 1950s, CAIV01P10_01.0627Fort Purana Quila Sher Shan Mosque, near Delhi, 1950s, CAIV01P10_10.0627Sariska Hotel, unique building, Delhi, CAIV03P13_01Jama Masjid, Masjid-i Jah n-Num, mosque, building, Old Delhi, CAIV03P13_02Humayun Mosleum, Delhi, CAIV03P13_03Delhi, CAIV03P13_04Delhi, CAIV03P13_05Delhi, CAIV03P13_06Cars, Delhi India, 1974, PDVV02P02_01New Delhi, 1960s, PFSV01P03_16Begger, Delhi, India, POVV02P06_12Woman, Face, Delhi, India, POVV02P06_13Vespa Motorscooter, Delhi India, VCOV01P03_02Delhi, CAIV02P04_17India Gate, All India War National Memorial Arch, Lutyens Delhi, CAIV04P05_01Gandhi's Tomb, New Delhi, Path, Walkway, CAIV04P05_02United States Embassy, USA, landmark building, lake, 1960s, New Delhi, CAIV04P05_03QUTAB MINAR COMPLEX, Minaret, New Delhi, Tower, CAIV04P05_04AIIMS, All-India Institute of Medical Sciences, Hospital Building, New Delhi, CAIV02P09_03Don't discriminate against the girl child, You never know who she could become, Delhi, CAIV02P11_15Moghul Gardens, Flowers, Manicured Trees, Delhi, CAIV02P14_01Moghul Gardens, Flowers, Manicured Trees, Delhi, CAIV02P14_02Moghul Gardens, Delhi, Palace Building, Trees, CAIV02P14_03Old Fort, Delhi, building, CAIV02P14_04Buddhist Temple, Delhi, building, CAIV02P14_05Buddhist Temple, Delhi, building, CAIV02P14_06Statues, Horses, buildings, shrine, temple, Delhi, building, CAIV02P14_07Temples, buildings, shrine, building, Delhi, CAIV02P14_08Temples, buildings, shrine, building, Delhi, CAIV02P14_09Temples, buildings, shrine, building, Delhi, CAIV02P14_10Qutb Minar, Delhi, landmark, building, CAIV02P14_11Qutb Minar, Delhi, landmark, building, CAIV02P14_12Qutb Minar, Delhi, landmark, building, CAIV02P14_13Qutb Minar, Delhi, landmark, CAIV02P14_14Qutb Minar, Delhi, landmark, CAIV02P14_15Qutb Minar, Delhi, landmark, CAIV02P14_16Red Fort, Delhi, building, CAIV02P14_17Red Fort, Delhi, building, CAIV02P14_18Red Fort, Delhi, building, CAIV02P14_19Red Fort, Delhi, building, CAIV02P15_01ornate details, building, opulant, Red Fort, Delhi, CAIV02P15_02ornate Flower, Marble, opulent, Red Fort, Delhi, CAIV02P15_03Red Fort, Delhi, building, CAIV02P15_04Red Fort, Delhi, building, CAIV02P15_05Red Fort, Delhi, building, CAIV02P15_06Red Fort, Delhi, building, CAIV02P15_07Red Fort, Delhi, building, CAIV02P15_08Red Fort, Delhi, building, CAIV02P15_09Red Fort, Delhi, building, CAIV02P15_10Delhi, building, CAIV02P15_11Delhi, building, CAIV02P15_12Delhi, building, CAIV02P15_13building, Delhi, CAIV02P15_14Driveway, Entrance, Cars, Driveway, New Delhi, CAIV04P08_02JHI 9230, Indian Railways 2-8-2, Delhi, February 1987, VRFV07P10_05
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