the Ruins, Coventry, England, 1950s, CEEV01P08_06Coventry, England, 1950s, CEEV01P08_07skyline, cityscape, buildings, gardens, tower, Coventry, England, 1950s, CEEV01P08_08Coventry, England, 1950s, CEEV01P08_09Coventry, England, 1950s, CEEV01P08_10.1517Coventry, England, 1950s, CEEV01P08_10.2039Coventry, England, 1950s, CEEV01P08_11Coventry, England, CEEV05P05_03Statue, Girls, Ruins, Coventry, England, CEEV05P05_04Bombed out Cathedral, Coventry, England, CEEV05P07_07Bombed out Cathedral, Coventry, England, CEEV05P07_08Lady Godiva statue by Sir William Reid Dick, Unveiled at midday on 22 October 1949, Broadgate, Coventry, a £20,000 gift from Mr WH Bassett-Green, a Coventrian, England, 1940s, CEEV05P07_09
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