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British Air Ferries

Hovercraft, White Cliffs of Dover, England, English Channel, Car Ferry, Ferryboat, TSPV03P07_16G-AOYN, Vickers Viscount, British Air Ferries, BAF, Vickers 806 Viscount, Aerolink, TAFV11P13_18G-BCWE, Handley Page HPR-7 Herald 206, TAFV25P12_03G-BNAA, V.806, TAFV40P13_08G-AOYN, British Air Ferries, BAF, Vickers 806 Viscount, Viscount Rotterdam, TAFV40P13_09G-ASHZ, BAF, Flughafen Dusseldorf, Douglas DC-4 ATL-98 Carvair, TACV04P10_03G-AOHM, Vickers Viscount 802C, British Air Ferries, TAFV04P09_05BAF, Vickers 806 Viscount, TAFV42P02_16BAF, Vickers 806 Viscount, TAFV42P02_16BBAF, British Air Ferries, TAFV43P02_11G-AOYR, British Air Ferries, 1992, 1990s, TAFV49P12_18
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