Apple Lane Inn Bed & Breakfast, April 1984, CNCV01P03_04Apple Lane Inn Bed & Breakfast, April 1984, CNCV01P03_05Apple Lane Inn Bed & Breakfast, April 1984, CNCV01P03_06Apple Lane Inn Bed & Breakfast, April 1984, CNCV01P03_07Stove, woman cooking, frying pan, knives, pancakes, breakfast, 1980s, FDNV01P04_05Woman, Gown, Robe, Smiles, Breakfast, Coffee, French Toast, 1950s, FDNV02P01_12Outdoor Cafe, Breakfast, FRBV05P05_05.0951Outdoor Cafe, Breakfast, FRBV05P05_13.0951Outdoor Cafe, Breakfast, FRBV05P05_17.0951Outdoor Cafe, Breakfast, FRBV05P05_18pancake, butter, carbs, carbohydrates, plate, Breakfast, FTCV01P08_18eggs, toast, hash browns, bread, carbs, protein, potatoes, Breakfast, FTCV01P08_19eggs, toast, hash, Breakfast, FTCV01P09_01Dinner Table, Breakfast, Eggs, Bacon, Turkey Leg, tablecloth, PLTV01P04_01Whales Tale, Bed and Breakfast, building, balcony, porch, landmark, COFV04P06_19French Toast, Breakfast, fried, melting butter, syrup, plate, FTCV02P03_07French Toast, Breakfast, fried, melting butter, FTCV02P03_08Built in Sofa, Breakfast nook, glass doors, pillows, coffee table, Tamarindo Costa Rica, PDFV02P05_06Built in Sofa, Breakfast nook, glass doors, pillows, coffee table, Tamarindo Costa Rica, PDFV02P05_07Continental Breakfast, Tea, Coffee, Toast, Orange Juice, FRBV08P10_18Corn Flakes, Breakfast, Mirror, Table, Cloth, Lace, Smiles, Women, Ladies, 1940s, FDNV03P02_13Waiters, breakfast, FRBV01P01_08Diner, Bar, Breakfast, Counter Table, clock, art-deco, FRBV01P02_01Breakfast, Pancake, FRBV01P02_02Continental Breakfast, FRBV01P02_16Continental Breakfast, FRBV01P02_17Continental Breakfast, FRBV01P02_18Continental Breakfast, FRBV01P02_19Continental Breakfast, FRBV01P03_01Eatery, Breakfast, FRBV01P06_19early morning breakfast in hotel room, Amalfi Coast, FRBV08P13_14Woman, Mn, Breakfast, Porch, Balcony, suit and tie, 1950s, FRBV08P13_17breakfast nook, chairs, table, lamp, lampshade, PDFV02P08_14Parked Cars, automobile, Ford Fairlane, Plymouth Valient, Corvair, Ford Thunderbird, Volkswagen Beetle, Bed and Breakfast, Bennington, 1960s, COEV03P07_03Breakfast Menu, Charleston, South Carolina, FRBV07P14_06Breakfast Menu, Charleston, South Carolina, Hand, Watchband, FRBV07P14_07breakfast menu, fan, PRIV01P14_02Pancake Breakfast, Sonoma County, DAFD07_061Pancake Breakfast, Sonoma County, DAFD07_062Pancake Breakfast, Sonoma County, DAFD07_063Pancake Breakfast, Sonoma County, DAFD07_077Woman Smiling at the Breakfast Table, Coffee Cup, Milk Container, curtains, 1940s, PORV29P15_18
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