Ford Fairlane, crowds, spectators, 1950s, PFPV09P11_13Nativ American Indians in a Parade, PFPV09P12_02Nativ American Indians in a Parade, PFPV09P12_03Saint Petersburg City Float, JC Penney Company, 1950s, PFPV09P12_06PFPV09P12_07The Ambassador Club Float, PFPV09P12_08City of Bradenton Float, Lighthouse, Sailboat, PFPV09P12_09Post Street Parade, 1950s, PFPV09P12_10Post Street Parade, 1950s, PFPV09P12_111950s, PFPV09P12_12Heart, Women in Dresses, Cowgirls, 1950s, PFPV09P12_13Mighty Mouse Float, 1950s, PFPV09P12_141950s, PFPV09P12_15The Border Woman Face, 1950s, PFPV09P12_16Salvation Army Float, 1950s, PFPV09P12_17Heart Harp Women, 1950s, PFPV09P12_18Home of the MSU Spartans, Football, Lansing, 1950s, PFPV09P12_19Mean Worm, Face, Balloon, Cleveland Christmas Parade, 1950s, PFPV09P13_01Peacock Bird Balloon, Cute, Cleveland Christmas Parade, 1950s, PFPV09P13_02Happy Dolphin with hat, Teeth, Cute, Cleveland Christmas Parade, 1950s, PFPV09P13_03Two Red Cardinal Birds Float, Cleveland Christmas Parade, 1950s, PFPV09P13_04Women's Auxiliary, PFPV09P13_08Canada Day Parade, PFPV09P13_09Goy  and Girl, PFLV10P14_15PFLV10P14_16Antebelum Dress, Umbrella, PFLV10P14_17Becky Thatcher and Tom Sawyer, PFLV10P14_18Dodge Army Truck at a Parade, PFPV09P13_05Dodge Army Truck at a Parade, PFPV09P13_06Dodge Army Truck at a Parade, PFPV09P13_07Enchanted Forest of the Adirondacks Entranc, Building, Store, PFTV04P06_15Humpty Cumpty, Wisconsin Dells Storybook Land, PFTV04P06_16Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage, Pink Castle, Mice, Wisconsin Dells Storybook Land, PFTV04P06_17Hickory Dickory Dock Clock, Wisconsin Dells Storybook Land, PFTV04P06_18, Wisconsin Dells Storybook Land, PFTV04P06_19Peter Rabbit Watering Can. Picket Fence, Wisconsin Dells Storybook Land, PFTV04P07_01Fiddlers, King, Wisconsin Dells Storybook Land, PFTV04P07_02Floating Basket, Wisconsin Dells Storybook Land, PFTV04P07_03Water Ducks, Wisconsin Dells Storybook Land, PFTV04P07_04Little Girl at the Beach in Hawaii, Dance, RVLV10P15_14Little Girl at Beach with Dad, shovel and pail, sand, waves, rafts, sand, RVLV10P15_15Two Girls on a Walk in the Park, Path, trees, lawn, RVLV10P15_16Little Girl on the Beach, Sand, Hat, Legs, feet, RVLV10P15_17Little Girls on the Beach, Sand, Hat, Legs, feet, RVLV10P15_18Little Girls on the Beach, Sand, Hat, Legs, feet, RVLV10P15_19PABV03P11_06Stork Delivers Baby, 1950s, PABV03P11_07Lady Face in a Hat and Bikini, Lei, 1960s, PFAV03P05_15Lady in a Bikini and Hat, Lei, 1960s, PFAV03P05_16Leggy Lady in a Bikini and Hat, Lei, 1960s, PFAV03P05_17Mormon Pavilion, PFWV04P15_11Israel Pavilion, crowds in line, building, PFWV04P15_12Beauty Queens, National Date Festival, Indio, Riverside County, Febuary 1971, 1970s, PFFV02P11_16Beauty Queens, National Date Festival, Indio, Riverside County, Febuary 1971, 1970s, PFFV02P11_17Beauty Queens, National Date Festival, Indio, Riverside County, Febuary 1971, 1970s, PFFV02P11_18Beauty Queen, National Date Festival, Indio, Riverside County, Febuary 1971, 1970s, PFFV02P11_19Little Girls with Bible, Hat, Dress, Purse, Gloves, PLPV11P13_16Girls, Sisters, Formal Dress, 1950s, PLPV17P13_04PLPV17P13_05Girls Sits on a Wall, Koala Bear doll, cute, PLPV17P13_06Cute Girl in a Formal Dress, Smiles, 1950s, PLPV17P13_07Cute Girl with her Doll, Pantsuit, Saddle Shoes, PLPV17P13_08Girl with her Purse and Tiara, Dress, waistband, PLPV17P13_09RVPV01P07_16RVPV01P11_06RVPV01P11_07RVPV01P11_08Hoarding Result, Junk, PDMD01_017Hoarding Result, Junk, PDMD01_018U-Haul Van, Hoarding Result, Junk, PDMD01_019Hoarding Result, Junk, PDMD01_020Hoarding Result, Junk, PDMD01_021Hoarding Result, Junk, PDMD01_022Hoarding Result, Junk, PDMD01_023Hoarding Result, Junk, PDMD01_024Hoarding Result, Junk, PDMD01_025Hoarding Result, Junk, PDMD01_026Hoarding Result, Junk, PDMD01_027Hoarding Result, Junk, PDMD01_028Hoarding Result, Junk, PDMD01_029Hoarding Result, Junk, PDMD01_030Hoarding Result, Junk, PDMD01_031Hoarding Result, Junk, PDMD01_032Hoarding Result, Junk, PDMD01_033Hoarding Result, Junk, PDMD01_034Hoarding Result, Junk, PDMD01_0351959 Plymouth Sport Fury on Interstate I-40, U-Haul Trailer, 1950s, PDMV01P05_18Two Children Selling Curios, El Salvador, PDVV02P09_12Fiat 124 Cars, PDVV02P09_13Bumper Cars, 1950s, PFTV04P07_05Boys in Flying Saucers, 1950s, PFTV04P07_O6Boy at a diaper changing table, Toddler, 1950s, PLPV17P13_16Brothers and Sister, 1950s, PLPV17P13_18Girl, PLPV17P14_01Smiling Sisters, Happy, 1950s, PLPV17P14_02Two Sisters and their Dollls. Chair, 1950s, PLPV17P14_03Mother and Baby Boy, Changing Table, Diaper Pins, 1950s, PMCV04P04_08Mother with her Baby, hat, smiles, dress, formal, 1950s, PMCV04P04_091950s, PMCV04P04_06Mom Diaper Change, Pins, PMCV04P04_08BBathing Suit Lady, PFAV03P04_01Big Jump, Lady Wearing a Bikini, Flower Bellybutton, PFAV03P05_18Green Dragon, People, Crowds, Spectators, Tongue, Eyes, Mouth, Teeth, PFPV09P13_10Holiday in Egypt, Horse, Mural, cowds, spectators, PFPV09P13_11Horse, City Hall Stockhom, float, flowersm candel, candelabra, PFPV09P13_13Sea Hunt Mermaid, woman, sea horse, PFPV09P13_14Bronco SUV, Campin in California, Hunters, men, RVCV02P15_15Gypsy Wagon Camping, RVCV02P15_16Camping Tent, Cars, hill, 1950s, RVCV02P15_17Conestoga Wagon, Horses, Pat's Pill Palace, PFPV09P13_15Redmond, Kings Co9unty, PFPV09P13_16Redmond, Kings Co9unty, PFPV09P13_17PAFD01_178PAFD01_179PARD03_152PARV03P05_01PARV03P05_02PARV03P05_03PARV03P05_04PARV03P05_05PARV03P05_06PARV03P05_07PARV03P05_08PARV03P06_01PARV03P06_02PARV03P06_03Lady in her Onsie Swimsuit, Pool, 1950s, PFAV03P03_01Lady in her Onsie Swimsuit. steps legs, leggy, 1950s, PFAV03P03_01BLady and her Ford Car, 1950s, PFAV03P03_02PFAV03P03_04PFAV03P03_11PFAV03P03_11BBeach Park, sand, Water, buildings, 1950s, PFTV04P07_07Two Easter Girls, Formal Dress, Purse, cute, sweet, 1950s, PHEV01P09_15Woman with a Mod Dress, Myrtle Beach float, 1960s, PFPV09P14_01Tombones in a Marching Band, 1960s, PFPV09P14_02C&S The Action Bank Float, 1960s, PFPV09P14_03It's Love Sweet Love, SGN, Pink float, 1960s, PFPV09P14_04Mod Dress women on a float, 1960s, PFPV09P14_05Mod Dress women on a float, 1960s, PFPV09P14_06Kids on a Horray County Parade Float, 1960s, PFPV09P14_071960s, PFPV09P14_08Dover, 1960s, PFPV09P14_09Coastal Mall. Float, Women, Flowers, 1960s, PFPV09P14_10Lemon Tree Inn, Bikini Woman on a Float, bouffante, 1960s, PFPV09P14_11Visit the Sun Fun, 1960s, PFPV09P14_12Computer Store Convention, Atari, Commodore, displays, 1980s, PDSV07P06_10Woolworth Store, cars. Building, 1970s, PDSV07P06_11
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