Kodak Pavilion, Cube, PFWV04P11_19Hot-Rod Pedal Car, boy, 1950s, PLGV04P05_17Mermaid Woman on the Beach, PCMV01P01_08Mermaid Woman, PCMV01P01_08BMermaid Woman cutout, photo-object, PCMV01P01_08FTeenager Friends, Bikinis, RVLD02_243Women on the Beach, glasses, 1950s, RVLV10P11_16Children playing on the Beach, waves, Ocean, RVLV10P12_01Girl on the Beach, sand, alone, 1940s, RVLV10P12_14Girls on the Beach, Sand, 1960s, RVLV10P12_15Lady Smiles in a diaper like Swimsuit under Umbrella, 1950s, RVLV10P12_16Lady Smiles in a diaper like Swimsuit, 1950s, RVLV10P12_16BLady Standing in the Surf, foam, swimsuit, 1950s, RVLV10P12_17Smiling lasdy at the beach, waves, 1950s, RVLV10P12_18Bikini Lady with Tan Lines, Beach, towel, 1960s, RVLV10P12_19Bikini Lady, Tan Lines, 1960s, RVLV10P12_19BKids at the Beach, siblings, Brother, Sister, RVLV10P13_01Boy in a Hat Sitting, Ford Fairlane Ranch Wagon, Driveway, 1950s, RVLV10P13_02Girl in a Bikini, Volkswagen, 1960s, RVLV10P13_03Pumpkin Patch, goat, Scarecrow, PHHV01P01_01Pumpkin Patch, Scarecrow, PHHV01P01_02Pumpkin Patch, Scarecrow, PHHV01P01_03Devils Tower Campsite, Trees, RVCV01P05_16RVCV01P09_07RVCV01P12_05RVCV01P12_06RVCV01P12_07RVCV01P12_08Steury Pop-Up Camper, Trailer, Chevy Station Wagon, RVCV02P15_05Steury Pop-Up Camper Trailer, Picnic Table, RVCV02P15_06Pointy Boobs, Woman, 1950s, PFAV03P03_05Woman, 1980s, PFAV03P03_061950s, PFAV03P03_07Swimsuit Model, Woman, 1970s, PFAV03P03_081970s, PFAV03P03_091970s, PFAV03P03_101960s, PFAV03P03_121960s, PFAV03P03_12BPFAV3P14_13.1565Male Human Figure, Silhouette, PAFD01_156Male Human Figure, Silhouette, PAFD01_157Male Human Figure, Silhouette, PAFD01_157BMan in The Sunset, Bloomfield, PAFD01_158Man in The Sunset, Bloomfield, PAFD01_158BMan in The Sunset, Bloomfield, PAFD01_159Man in The Sunset, Bloomfield, PAFD01_160Man in The Sunset, Bloomfield, PAFD01_161Man in The Sunset, Bloomfield, PAFD01_162Man in The Sunset, Bloomfield, PAFD01_163Man in The Sunset, Bloomfield, PAFD01_164Man in The Sunset, Bloomfield, PAFD01_165Man in The Sunset, Bloomfield, PAFD01_166Man in The Sunset, Bloomfield, PAFD01_167Man in The Sunset, Bloomfield, PAFD01_168Man in The Sunset, Bloomfield, PAFD01_169Man in The Sunset, Bloomfield, PAFD01_169BMan in The Sunset, Bloomfield, PAFD01_170Man in The Sunset, Bloomfield, PAFD01_170BMan in The Sunset, Bloomfield, PAFD01_171Butte County Library, Oriville, 1960s, KELV01P01_13Inside the Butte County Library, Librarian, Oriville, 1960s, KELV01P01_14Library, Books, Women, Men, Boys, Girls, 1960s, KELV01P02_11Library, Books, Women, Men, Boys, Girls, 1960s, KELV01P02_12Library, Books, Women, Men, Boys, Girls, 1960s, KELV01P02_13Library, Books, Women, Men, Boys, Girls, 1960s, KELV01P02_14Library, Books, Women, Men, Boys, Girls, 1960s, KELV01P02_15Little Girl Playing, Colorol Playskool Wagon, Television, Pant Suiot, shoes, 1950s, PLGV04P05_18Two Cute Sisters Laughing, Matching Outfits, dresses, shoes, 1950s, PLPV17P11_18
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