Solvang Sign, CSCD03_217Hamlet Square, CSCD03_218Hamlet Square, CSCD03_219Mortensen's Bakery, CSCD03_220CSCD03_221CSCD03_222Buellton, CSCD03_223Welcome to Buellton Sign, CSCD03_224Buellton, CSCD03_225Welcome to Avenal sign, CSCD03_226McKittrick Market Building, Palm Trees, CSCD03_227Maricopa Social Club, CSCD03_228Maricopa Building, CSCD03_229Maricopa Trading Company, building, CSCD03_230McKitrick City Hall, Building, landmark, CSCD03_231Ventura City Hall, building, street, CSCD03_232CSCD03_233Home, House, building, CSCD03_234Old landmark Building, CSCD03_235CSCD03_236Mission Building, CSCD03_237Museum of Ventura County, building, CSCD03_238Apartment Building, CSCD03_239Parish Center, Cross, Myral Painting, CSCD03_240Mission San Buenaventura, Bell Tower. Building. landmark, CSCD03_241Nighttime in Solvang, Night, CSCD03_242Nighttime in Solvang, Night, CSCD03_243Elkhorn Bar San Miguel, CSCD03_244Elkhorn San Miguel, CSCD03_245San Miguel, CSCD03_246San Miguel, CSCD03_247San Miguel, CSCD03_248CSCD03_249CSCD03_250CSCD03_251Bridge over the San Andreas Fault, CSCD03_252Bridge over the San Andreas Fault, CSCD03_253Parkfield Town Sign, CSCD03_254Parkfield Town Sign, CSCD03_255Parkfield Cafe, CSCD03_256CSCD03_257Parkfield Cafe, CSCD03_258Parkfield Cafe, CSCD03_259CSCD03_260CSCD03_261CSCD03_262Mile Marker Signage, CSCD03_263CSCD03_264CSCD03_265Home, CSCD03_266CSCD03_267CSCD03_268CSCD03_269CSCD03_270Bater Automotive Museum, CSCD03_271Bater Automotive Museum, CSCD03_272CSCD03_273CSCD03_274Kruger's Motel Sign, CSCD03_275Kruger's Motel Sign, CSCD03_276United States Post Office Coalinga, CSCD03_277Caolinga Civic Center, CSCD03_278Trees, Park, CSCD03_279Bank Building, CSCD03_280Coalinga District Library Building, CSCD03_281House, Home, CSCD03_282CSCD03_283First Presbyterian Church of Coalinga, CSCD03_284Home, House, CSCD03_285Home, House, CSCD03_286Carpenteria, CSCD03_287Home, House, CSFD09_224CSFD09_225CSFD09_226CSFD09_227Uber Building, CSFD09_228Uber Building, CSFD09_229Uber Building, CSFD09_230Chase Center Arena, CSFD09_231Chase Center Arena, CSFD09_232Chase Center Arena, CSFD09_233Chase Center Arena, building, CSFD09_234Chase Center Arena, Warriors building, CSFD09_235Chase Center Arena, building, CSFD09_236Chase Center Arena, building, CSFD09_237Chase Center Arena, building, CSFD09_238Chase Center Arena, building, CSFD09_239Chase Center Arena, building, CSFD09_240Chase Center Arena, building, CSFD09_241Chase Center Arena, building, CSFD09_242Chase Center Arena, building, CSFD09_243Chase Center Arena, street signage, CSFD09_244Warriors Way at Chase Center Arena, CSFD09_245Yacht Club, CSFD09_246CSFD09_247CSFD09_248CSFD09_249CSFD09_250Sales Force Tower, CSFD09_251CSFD09_252CSFD09_253Downtown Buildings, skyline, CSFD09_254Downtown Buildings, skyline, CSFD09_255Downtown Buildings, skyline, CSFD09_2562nd Street Sign, CSFD09_257Downtown Buildings, skyline, CSFD09_258CSFD09_259Cityscape Skyline, The Embarcadero, Skyscraper, buildings, CSFD09_260Cityscape Skyline, Skyscraper, buildings, CSFD09_261CSFD09_262CSFD09_263Cityscape Skyline, Skyscraper, buildings, CSFD09_264CSFD09_265Cityscape Skyline, CSFD09_266CSFD09_267Cityscape Skyline, CSFD09_268CSFD09_269CSFD09_270CSFD09_271Cityscape Skyline, CSFD09_272Cityscape, SF Skyline, Clouds, CSFD09_273Surreal GGB Abstract, Car LIghts, CSFD09_274Minneapolis City Hall, dome, 1950s, CLEV01P04_13Prairie Chicken Statue, Roadside, Rothsay, CLEV01P04_14Tennessee, CMTV01P01_04Civil War Cannon, CMTV01P01_05Hard Rock Cafe, brick building, Guitar, Nashville, 1994, 1990s, CMTV01P01_06Hotel Elevator, Lobby, CMTV01P01_07Chevy Stingray Corvette, cars parked at a Motel, 1970s, CMTV01P01_08Weakly County Courthouse Building, Dresden Tennessee, parked cars, 1950s, CMTV02P14_03Weakly County Courthouse, Dresden Tennessee, parked cars, 1950s, CMTV02P14_04USPS in Dresden with many parked cars, Dresden Tennessee, 1950s, CMTV02P14_05Oasis Motel, Tiddly Cocktail, Cars, Eddy Street, 1970s, CSFV27P09_03Chevy Cars, Union Square, Geary Avenue, 1957, 1950s, CSFV27P09_04Farm, Barn, Trees, Country Road, Dixon, May 1983, 1980s, CLIV01P08_13Hometown of Ronald Reagan, May 1983, Dixon, 1980s, CLIV01P08_14Hometown of Ronald Reagan, Dixon, May 1983, 1980s, CLIV01P08_15Boyhood Home of Ronald Reagan, Dixon, May 1983, 1980s, CLIV01P08_16Boyhood Home of Ronald Reagan, Dixon, May 1983, 1980s, CLIV01P08_17Hometown of Ronald Reagan, Dixon, May 1983, 1980s, CLIV01P08_18Hometown of Ronald Reagan, Dixon, May 1983, 1980s, CLIV01P08_19Oglala Lakota warrior, Crazy Horse Memorial, Black Hills, Custer County, CMDV01P02_10CMIV01P01_11Little Girls talks to Abraham Lincoln, Statue, Building, Kentucky State Capitol, Frankfort, CMKV01P12_13Manitoba Provincial Legislative building, 1960s, CCMV01P01_04CLCV08P08_19CLCV11P12_09Chicago River, CLCV11P12_10Chicago River, CLCV11P12_11Chicago Sun Times, River, CLCV11P12_12Chicago River 1971, CLCV11P12_14Chicago River 1971, CLCV11P12_3State Capitol in LIttle Rock, building, CMRV01P01_16Castroville entrance Arch, CNCV03P15_06Green River Wyoming, CNWV01P02_06CNYV06P10_01Fort Lucinda Train Depot, Casino, Building, Boulder, CSNV06P09_01Fort Lucinda Train Depot, Casino, Building, Boulder, CSNV06P09_02Ghost Town Rhyolite, Mountains, CSNV06P09_03HD & RD Porter, 1908, Ghost Town Rhyolite, , CSNV06P09_05Ghost Town Rhyolite, Mountains, CSNV06P09_06Ghost Town Rhyolite, Mountains, CSNV06P09_07Landmark Parliament Building, CCSV01P01_10Many Glacier Hotel, Glacier National Park, Cars, Red Jammers, 1950s, CNMV01P01_13Tad's Steaks. Shops. Ford Fairlane, 1950s, CSFV27P09_06Coit Tower on Telegraph Hill, 1950s, CSFV27P09_07CSFV27P09_08Ocean-Beach Pier, Sand, Waves, CSFV27P09_09Ocean-Beach, Sand, Waves, Seawall, CSFV27P09_10Ocean-Beach, Sand, Waves, Seawall, CSFV27P09_11507 Folsom Street, Red Brick Building, CSFV27P09_12Fort Ross, Sonoma County, Signage, CNCV09P05_14Petra's, Arts Kafe, cars, CNCV09P05_19Mission San Buenaventura, Cars, Bell Tower, building, Ventura County , 1950s, CSCV04P01_04Rhyolite Glass Bottle House, 1950s, CSNV06P09_08Monarch Crest Lodge, Chaffee County, Continental Divid, September 1967, 1960s, CSOV02P13_16Enoshima Tower, December 1957, 1950s, CAJV06P06_15Downtown Buildings in Weaverville, Stores, Shops, 1960s, CNCV09P06_01Joss House signage in Weaverville, 1960s, CNCV09P06_02CLAV04P11_01Steep, Street and a Yellow Taxi Cab, buildings, Russian Hill, 1950s, CSFV05P01_01BFishing Boats at the Docks, buildings, Coit Tower, CSFV05P01_03BSteel Pier, Man, Beach, buildings, Atlantic City, 1959, COJV01P04_14Boardwalk at Atlantic City. Rolling Rock Beer, 1958, COJV01P04_15Mission Drive, Rainy Day, Parked Cars, buildings, December 1970, CSCV05P03_10Windmill Landmark, buildings, December 1970, 1970s, CSCV05P03_11Landmark Windmill in Solvang, December 1963, 1960s, CSCV05P03_12Madonna Inn, Landmark, Stone, Mast, Cars, Chrysler Imperial, December 1968, CSCV05P02_18Madonna Inn, Landmark, Stone, Mast, December 1968, CSCV05P02_19One Room Schoohouse, stairs, building, Girl, Dress, CSCV05P03_02Unique Building, Palm Trees, CSCV05P03_13Dolphin Tile Mosaic, Knossos, Crete, CEXV02P03_13Bbuilding, huge clock at  Colgate Factory, Clarksville, outdoo, outside, exterior, CLNV01P02_19Toll Station, buildings, Highway, Roadway to White Face Mountain, Wilmington, 1950s, CNZV02P05_19Manett's Breakfast Club, Cars on James Street, Alexandria Bay, June 1975, 1970s, CNZV02P06_01Home, House Building, CELV01P02_01Tall Statue, landmark in Downtown Brussels, CELV01P02_02Shops, Stores, Building Interior, Galleria in Brussels , CELV01P02_03Buildings and Cars, CELV01P02_04Buildings in Downtown Brussels, CELV01P02_05
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