CowCow, cattle, hills, coastal, mountains, Pacific Ocean, water, Sonoma County CoastCow, Sonoma County Coast, cattle, hills, coastal, rocks, rugged, cliffs, mountains, Pacific Ocean, waterCow, Driveway, Herder, Horns, Shadow, DrivewayCow, Road, MvvountainsCow, Hills, Fields, MountainsCow, Fields, Clouds, Parched LandscapeCowCowCowCowCowCowCowCowCow
Cow, Hills, Fields, Mountains
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Cow, Hills, Fields, Mountains
Horseback Riding, Perissodactyle, Animals, Mammals, Beast of Burden, Chordates, Vertebrate, Horse, Equestrian, Roadway, Streets, Ungulates, Farm Animals, Mammals, Domestic, Vertebrate, Livestock, Fauna, Mammilia, Animilia
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Wernher Krutein

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