Apothecary Wall, clock, first aid box, calendar, China, June 1973, 1970'Apothecary Desk, Man, Male, Chinese Medicine, lab, drugs, China, June 1973, 1970sApothecaries Canvas, Apothecary, Man, Male, Chinese Medicine, lab, drugs, Mortar and pestle, China, June 1973, 1970sMedicine Bottles, Prozac, Cloazril, Mellaril, Parnateantique Medicine Bottles, 1890'sCastor Oil bottle, corkSulfathiazole, bottleSt, Joseph vitamins for children, bottleStier's ParmacyApothecaries Canvas, Drugstore, counters, man, pharmacistaspirin, Pillsaspirin, Pillsaspirin, PillsDiabetes Shot, InsulinDiabetes Shot, Insulin
Castor Oil bottle, cork
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Castor Oil bottle, cork
Pharmacy, Drugs, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical, Toxicology, Pills, Health Supplements, RX, Medication, Health Care, Health, Medical, Healthcare, Medicine, Pharma
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Wernher Krutein

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