Woman Baking a Cake, Birthday, Stove, Utensils, Kitchen, Cupcakes, June 1973, 1970sWoman Eating, fingers, hat, 1970sTable Setting, Rose Flowers, Table Setting, 1950sTable Setting, Buffet, Graduation Congratulations, Punch Bowl, 1960sGraduation Cake, Denny and Danny, frosting, US Navy, Anchor, SeaBee's, 1960sPizza, Eating, 1950sWoman Cooking in the Kitchen, Meat, Gas Stove, frying pan, egg beater, May 1960, 1960sWoman Cooking in the Kitchen, Meat, Gas Stove, electric frying pan, May 1960, 1960sMother Feeding Daughter, Hair Curlers, Haircurlers, hair roller, hairrollers, lockenwickler, highchair, 1950sRoute 66 Soda, Man, Drinking, Sunglassestables, eating, group, picnictable setting, Lunch, Women, Ladies, 1960sTurkey Roast, Meat, Carving, Knife, Watch, HandsTurkey Roast, Man, Carving, Watch, Face, GlassesTurkey RoastTable Setting, Wine, Meat, Salad, Dishes, Man, Woman, People

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