YJ-AV18, Spirit of Vanuatu, Boeing 737-3Q8, Air VanuatuJA8961, Cartoon Characters, Boeing 747-481D, CF6-80C2B1F, CF6, October 1997HL7486, 747-4B5(BCF), April 1995N4501Q, SAS Boeing 747-283BSF, landing, JT9D-70A, JT9D, 747-200 series20-1101, JapanN951PG, Boeing 757-236, RB211-535 E4, RB211G-OOOG, First Choice, Boeing 757-23AN4934Z, Douglas DC-8-63N8960E, McDonnell Douglas DC-9-31, JT8D-7B, JT8DN66AF, Emerald, DC-9-15RC, JT8D-7A, JT8DNew York Air, DC-9-31, N1308T, Pier, jetway, Butler Fuel TrucksN534TX, DC-9-32, Dulles International AirportN934MC, Muse Air, MD-82, JT8DPP-VMQ, Douglas DC-10-30, CF6-50C2, CF6N106EX, Pacific Express, Chico Municipal Airport, Butte CountyN106EX, Pacific Express, Chico Municipal Airport CIC, Butte County
N951PG, Boeing 757-236, RB211-535 E4, RB211
Code Number:
N951PG, Boeing 757-236, RB211-535 E4, RB211
CN: 22185
LN: 34
First Flight: 14/03/84
Engines: 2x RR RB211-535 E4

27/03/1984 Air Europe G-BPGW
04/04/1989 Air Europa EC-265
24/05/1989 Air Europa EC-EOK
26/03/1990 Air Europe G-BPGW
01/11/1990 Avensa YV-78C
01/06/1994 Servivensa YV-78C
23/09/1994 American Express Bank N270AE
14/06/1995 Air Europa
03/08/1995 Air Europa EC-GCA
19/10/1997 Iberia EC-GCA
31/05/2001 Avianca N951PG returned to lessor
11/07/03 Stored at Goodyear
23/07/2004 Orient Thai Airlines HS-OTB
Stored 04/2006
Boeing 757, B-757, Twin Engine, Narrow Body, Narrowbody, Jet, Single Aisle, Fanjet, Jetliner, Long Range, Turbofan, Fixed wing multi engine, low-wing, Avianca Airlines, Colombia, AVA, Star Alliance, Fixed-Wing Airliner, Passenger Plane, Aircraft, Airline, Airplane, Commercial Aviation, Transport, Travel, Technology, Aerospace, Civil Transportation, Fleet, Livery, Equipment, Airframe, Commerce, Avion

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