B-2486, Boeing 747-89L, 747-8 series, Air China, SFOB-2486, Boeing 747-89L, 747-8 series, Air China, SFON81449, UAL, Boeing 737-924ER, 737-900 series, CFM56, Scimitar WingletsN830UA, Airbus A319-131, A319 series, V2500Scimitar Winglets, N13227, Boeing 737-824, 737-800 series, UAL757 head-onN774UA, Boeing 777-222, PW4000, UAL, SFON774UA, Boeing 777-222, PW4000, UAL, SFON78866, Boeing 757-33N, UAL, SFO, RB211-535E4CN78866N78866, Boeing 757-33N, UAL, SFO, RB211-535E4C, RB211United Express GateN26909, Boeing 787-8, GEnx-1BN26909, Boeing 787-8, United Airlines, GEnx-1BN75853 , N75853, Boeing 757-324

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