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HB-IGA, Boeing 747-257B, Stairs
Code Number:
HB-IGA, Boeing 747-257B, Stairs
CN: 20116
LN: 112
First flight: 15/01/1971
Engines: 4x PW JT9D-7Q

29/01/1971 Swissair HB-IGA
20/09/1972 Nationair ZS-SAP wfu, stored
01/01/1984 Salenia LX-SAL
02/03/1984 Air National LX-SAL
27/02/1985 Egyptair LX-SAL
17/05/1985 TWA N303TW
01/07/1992 TWA N303TW
05/05/1993 Air Atlanta Icelandic TF-ABK
18/02/1994 TWA N303TW
26/05/1998 Aerolineas Argentinas LV-YSB returned to lessor stored in USA
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