JA8083, Mickey Mouse, cartoon character, Boeing 747-446D, CF6-80C2B1F, CF6, 747-400 seriesJA8962, Pokemon Characters, Boeing 747-481BDS, 747-400 series, All Nippon Airways, CF6, CF6-80C2B1F9V-SPK, ColorfulVR-HOM, landing, 747-300 seriesVR-HOS, Boeing 747-467, 747-400 seriesB-HOX, Boeing 747-467, cartoon characters, RB211HL-7490, Taking-offTJ-CAB, Cameroon Airlines, taking-offZK-SUH, 747-400 seriesVH-EBT, Boeing 747-338, 747-300 series, Qantas Airlines, RB211, RB211-524D4Boron Fuel TrucksN529PA, Boeing 747SP, Taking-offLX-FCV, Lionair, Boeing 747-121, JTD-7A, JTD-7, Caribbean AirwaysHB-IGA, Boeing 747-257B, StairsPH-MCG, Virgin Atlantic

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