Santa Claus, 1950sSanta Claus, 1950sSanta Claus, 1950sSanta Claus, Boy, Lamp Shade, 1950sBoy with all his Presents, gifts, Tinkertoy, Truck, 1950sMother, Son, Frosted Tree, 1950sBoys, Television, 1950sFamily Portrait, happy boys, smiles, Frosted Trees, 1950sBoys with their Christmas model train set, basement, 1950sBoy, Santa Clause Sleigh scene, 1950sNativity Scene, Boy, Angel, 1950sBoy and town scene, tractor, chimney, stockings, 1950sBoys, Tree, smiles, Television, Lamp Shade, 1950sBoy, Tree, smiles, Frosted Tree, 1950sBoy, Tree, smiles, 1950sMother and Son, Tree, Chair, 1950s
Mother, Son, Frosted Tree, 1950s
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Mother, Son, Frosted Tree, 1950s
Mothers with Children, Person, Female, Woman, Women, mom, mama, Madre, maternal, adult, child, children, lady, little People, Christmas, Holidays, Xmas, celebration, consumerism, history, archives

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