Naval Sailor in attention entering a harbor, bow, tip, anchor, seamen, chain, PaintographyUSS Cacapon (AO-52), Cimarron-class fleet oiler, at Sea, replenishment, USN, United States Navy, Ship, vessel, hull, maritime, warshipUSS Olympia, Protected Cruiser, C-6, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, flagship of Commodore George DeweyUSS Wasp (LHD-1), U.S. Navy multipurpose amphibious assault shipNorth American AJ-1THBJ Trooper 5840, JohnsvilleGrumman F-14 Tomcat afterburnersUSS Carl Vinson (CVN 70)A-4 Skyhawk, Blue Angels, flight, flyingBoeing CH-46 Sea Knight 74, HC-11, DET-7, 2553, from the USS Kansas City (AOR-3), USN, United States NavyMcDonnell YF-4J Phantom IIsilhouette F-4 Phantom, McDonnell YF-4J Phantom IIBoeing P-8A Poseidon, 737-800ERX, 737-8FV, anti-submarine warfare, (ASW), ELINT, USN, United States Navy, 737-800 series, CFM56Boeing P-8A Poseidon silhouette,  737-800ERX, 737-8FV, 737-800 series
THBJ Trooper 5840, Johnsville
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THBJ Trooper 5840, Johnsville
Bell, Model 47J, H-13 Sioux, Multipurpose Light Helicopter, VTOL, Aviation, Light Helicopter, Aircraft, Helo, Chopper, Rotary Wing, Whirlybird, Single Main Rotor, Ranger, Rotorcraft, Navy, Naval, Weapon, Military, Armament, Weaponry, warfare, Maritime, History, Archives
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Les Clark

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