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Manhattan-Bridge, East-River, Sunset, Sunclipse
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Manhattan-Bridge, East-River, Sunset, Sunclipse
The Manhattan-Bridge consists of 7 lanes of roadway, 4 tracks of the B D N Q NYC subway trains, bicycles, and pedestrians. It crosses the East-River and connects the boroughs of Manhattan with Brooklyn. It is maintained by the New York City Department of Transportation. Construction began in 1901. Though not fully completed the bridge opened on December 31, 1909. It was finally fully completed in 1912.

Designer: Leon Solomon Moisseiff
Total length: 2,089 meters (6,855 feet)
Width: 7 meters (120 feet)
Height Towers: 102 meters (336 feet)
Longest span: 451 meters (1,480 feet)
Clearance below: 41 meters (135 feet)
Daily traffic 2008: 70,341
Construction Firm: Othniel Foster Nichols
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