International Truck, Dirt Road, south of Glen Allen, Highway-4, Gas Tanker Truck, Gasoline, Fuel, unpavedFreightliner head-on, Chester Bridge, Route-51, Illinois Route 150, Perryville, Missouri, Chester, IllinoisHighway 15, north of Hazard, Freightliner Truck head-on, Breathitt County, Semi-trailer truck, SemiHighway 402, north of Hazard, Road, White Lines, flatbed trailerPeterbilt head-on, Lexington, Semi-trailer truck, SemiKenworth, Interstate Highway I-64, flatbed trailerInterstate Highway I-64, Divided Road, Semi-trailer truck, SemiFreightliner, Grill, bumper, headlampnear Alamogordo, highway-54, road, KenworthKenworth, near Alamogordo, highway-54, Truck, Clouds, Rain, Semi-trailer truck, SemiFreightliner, Moriarty, Interstate Highway I-40, road, divided highway, roadway, whiteline Fever, Semi-trailer truck, SemiFreightliner, Car Carrier, Wolf Creek Pass, Highway 160, RoadKenworth, Pagosa Springs, Highway 160, road, highwayKenworth, Panguitch, Highway-89, road, Semi-trailer truck, SemiHighway, roadway, roadWide Load, Wine Fermenting Tank, Napa County, Oversize
Kenworth, Interstate Highway I-64, flatbed trailer
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Kenworth, Interstate Highway I-64, flatbed trailer
Heavy Equipment, Vehicle, Machinery, Machine, Power, Mechanism, Mechanized, Mechanization, System, Tool, Apparatus, Contraption, Device, Engine, Gadget, Vehicle, Cargo, Transportation, Commerce, Transport, Freight, Hauling, Shipping, shipment, Trucking, Trucks, Commercial, Commercial-shipping, Industry, Load, archives, history
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Wernher Krutein

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