LI 604, Rebuilt ALCO Power Car, Long Island Rail Road Company, LIRR, cars, 1960s1001BN 9910, Rebuilt EMD E9AM, Burlington Northern, F-Unit290, Blue/Gold Santa-Fe, 2771DRGW 3123, EMD GP40-2, Rio Grande Line, Platform, Railstation, D&RGW, Denver & Rio Grande WesternDRGW 5362, EMD SD40T-2, Rio Grande Line, Denver & Rio Grande Western, D&RGW455, F-UnitPassenger RailCar, Gottardo TEELuzern-Stans-Engelberg, Passenger RailCarMan, Male, Snow, Mountains, 1950sRiver, Mountains, ValleyGottardo TEE, Self Propelled Locomotive, streamlinedMilano Centrale, Sign, Train Station

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