Piaggio P.166 MM61925/36-25 36 ST/AMI, Pusher PropMAGISTER, 215, milestone of flightShackleton AEW.3 WL757 8 Sqn, milestone of flight50+67, Transall C-160D, C.160D, Twin-Engine Tactical Airlifter, Cargo Transport Aircraft, German Air Force, Luftwaffe52TB-58A 55-670 Carswell AFB, Convair, B-58 Hustler, J79 turbojet, 1960, 1960s, milestone of flight29000, Air Force One, VC-25A, Presidential Boeing 747-200, 747-200 series60201, Gulfstream Aerospace C-20A Gulfstream III (G-1159A), VIP TransportWhirlwind HCC.12 XR486 Queens F, HelicopterWhirlwind HAR.9 XD163/X CFS '77, HelicopterKV-107IIA-5, 34-4834, JASDF, 1985, Japanese Air Self Defence Force, Helicopter, 1980s54, 8254, JSDF, Sikorsky SH-60 Blackhawk, Japan, JapaneseMcDonnell Douglas C-17 in flight, air-to-airMcDonnell Douglas C-17 in flight, air-to-airLockheed T-33 bubble canopy

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