Pyramid, GizaPyramid, GizaPyramid, GizaSkyline, buildings, desert, CairoSphynx, face, profile, headSphynx, face, profile, headSphynx, Giza, rearSphynx, Giza, rearSphynx, GizaSphynx, GizaSphynx, Pyramid, GizaPyramid, GizaPyramid, GizaThe Great Pyramid of Cheops, GizaThe Great Pyramid of Cheops, GizaPyramid, Pyramid of Djoser, Saqqara necropolis, The Stepped Pyramid of Zozer
Sphynx, face, profile, head
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Sphynx, face, profile, head
Egypt, Africa, African, Egyptian, Egyptology, Architecture, Scenics, Historic, History, Archives, Travel, Structure, Country
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Lisa Kristine

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