South Hampton, 1950sDock, Harbor, Homes, Houses, buildings, St. George's, 1950sQueen of Bermuda oceanliner ship, Front Street, waterfront, Hamilton, 1950sFront Street, buildings, Hamilton, 1950sHarbor, Docks, Farmlands, Bay, 1950sPrincess Hotel, Pembroke, 1950sMansion, Home, House, Hill, Wall, West Whale Bay, 1950sRoyal Yacht Club, Bay, Harbor, Homes, Houses, Buildings, Hamilton, 1950sFrith's, buildings, shops, sidewalk, Hamilton, 1950sharbor, Building, Princess Hotel, Hamilton, 1964, 1960sCatamaran, Bay, Homes, Houses, hill, 1950sHomes, Houses, Mansion, harbor, dock, 1950sBay, waterfront, buildings, docks, Hamilton, 1950sWatford Bridge, Mangrove Bay, Somerset, 1950sSt. James Church, Building, Path, clouds, tower, steeple, 1950sPrincess Hotel, waterfront, buildings, bay, harbor, Paget, 1964, 1960s
Princess Hotel, Pembroke, 1950s
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Princess Hotel, Pembroke, 1950s
Flag, Symbolic, Symbol, Patriotism, Patriotic, Pride, Proud, Bermuda, Architecture, Caribbean, Country
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George H. Ulrich Jr.

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