621, A-10 Thunderbolt WarthogRoyal Canadian Air Force, RCAFJATO Rocket Assist Take-off, C-130 Hercules, New York Air National GuardLockheed C-130 Hercules, smokeBoeing KC-135R, Stratotanker, milestone of flight, 22 ARW, AMC, CFM5610891, Boeing EC-135E, ARIA, EC-135, "Snoopy Nose"smoke, bombsMiG-25 Foxbat388, Mig-29 Fulcrum389, Mig-29 FulcrumF-ZVLA, Eurocopter EC725, Cougar MK2, single Rotor, H73, French Air ForceHelicopter, single RotorRoayl Air Force, Westland HelicopterLockheed F-22 Raptor, USAFLockheed F-22 RaptorLockheed F-22 Raptor

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