Mackintosh Lodge, Mile 1022, Alaska Highway, Yukon, 1970sCafe, Scnerama CruiseDestruction Bay CampTrestle BridgeImmaculate Conception Church, steeple, cross, building, Roman Catholic Church, FairbanksFairbanks Depot, buildingFairbanks Milage MarkerGreat Land Hotel, river, bridgeCity Hall buildingOur Lady of Grace Catholic Church, Mission Beaver Creek Church, Yukon, Orthodox Church, building, curved roof, cross, quonset hut, 1950sTanana River Pipeline Suspension Bridge, 1299 ft. lengthnight, nighttime, neon, Anchorage All-America Citystore, shop, Santa Claus House, lane, North Polecandy cane, igloo, huskies, eskimo, reindeer, North PoleCars, Rambler, Anderson's 5&10, automobile, vehicles, Fairbanks, September 1960, 1960sUniversity of Alaska, Chevy, cars, Toronado, Van, buildings, September 1971, 1970s

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