N4828C, Delta Air Lines, Convair CV-440-38, CV-440 series, R-2800, 1950sAllegheny Airlines, 1950sBeech-18, TransGabon, 1950sAmerican Airlines AAL, Boeing 720, 1950sAmerican Airlines AAL, Lockheed L-188 Electra, 1950sFokker F-50, 275RA-75466, Ilyushin Il-18D, Aeroflot Russian Airlines AFLN33608, Hawaiian Air lines HALStairs, Steps, Boarding Passengers, Boeing 747, Mobile Stairs, Rampstairs, rampHB-IDA, Douglas DC-8-33A, JT4A-11, JT4, Embarking Passengers, Mobile Stairs, steps, pickup truck, Rampstairs, ramp, 1960sAirport Terminal, Tarmac, KauaiN613US, Boeing 747-251B, Northwest Airlines NWA, JT9D-7Q, JT9DF-BHRH, Air France AFR, Sud Aviation SE-210 Caravelle IIIBoeing 720, Western Airlines WAL, 720 series, ramp stairsBoeing 720, United Airlines, UAL, 720 seriesBoeing 720, United Airlines, UAL, 720 series

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