D-AMUS, LTS, Boeing 757-2G5, 757-200 series, RB211-535 E4, RB211F-OHPJ, Airbus A340-313X, Philippine Airlines PAL, CFM56-5C4, CFM56TC-AKL, World Focus, McDonnell Douglas MD-83, JT8D, JT8D-219N33644, Douglas DC-3A, Western Airlines WALHB-ISC, Douglas DC-3C-S1C3G, Classic AirNational Airlines NAL, 1950'sN6104C, Douglas DC-6B, R-2800National Airlines NAL, 1950'sN6528C, Pan American Airways PAA, Douglas DC-6B Liftmaster, R-2800, 1950'sN30068, PSA, Pacific Southwest Airlines, Douglas DC-4, 1950'sN1901M, Delta Air Lines, Douglas DC-7BZS-BMH, South African Airways SAA, Douglas DC-4-1009, Lebombo, 1950'sN8060, Douglas DC-7B, Boarding Passengers, stairs, steps, 1950'sPan American-Grace Airways, Air Pacifico Airllines, Panagra, 1950'sN112MP, NAMC YS-11A-600, Mid-Pacific AirN8961, Black Nose, Air California ACL, Douglas DC-9-14, JT8D-7B s3, JT8D, milestone of flight
National Airlines NAL, 1950's
Code Number:
National Airlines NAL, 1950's
Fleet Number: I9H
Convair Propliner, Twin Engine Prop, Regional Airliner, Fixed wing multi engine, multi-engine, low-wing, Convairliner, Propeller, National Airlines NAL, Fixed-Wing Airliner, Passenger Plane, Aircraft, Airline, Airplane, Commercial Aviation, Transport, Travel, Technology, Aerospace, Civil Transportation, Fleet, Livery, Equipment, Airframe, Commerce, Avion

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