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African Clawed Frog, (Xenopus laevis), PipidaeNorthern Leopard FrogChaco Horned Frog, (Ceratophrys cranwelli), ArgentinaAfrican Bull Frog, (Pyxicephalus adspersus), [Ranidae]North American Bull Frog, (Rana catesbeiana), RanidaeAfrican Clawed Frog, (Xenopus laevis), PipidaeYellow-Bellied Toad, (Bombina variegata), Archaeobatrachia, Bombinatoridae, [Discoglossidae]Poison Dart FrogWhite's Tree Frog, (Litoria caerulea), HylidaePoison Dart frogWhite's Tree Frog, (Litoria caerulea), HylidaeAfrican Clawed Frog, (Xenopus laevis), PipidaeAfrican Clawed Frog, (Xenopus laevis), PipidaeMalayan Horned Frog, (Megophrys nasuta), Megophryidae, Megophrys, Pelobatida, Leaf FrogWestern Toad, (Anaxyrus boreas), BufonidaeWhite's Tree Frog, (Litoria caerulea), Hylidae

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