Cars, Parking Lot, Building, Hotel, automobiles, vehicles, Banff, 1940sBuilding, Hotel, BanffBuilding, Hotel, Banff, cars, automobiles, vehicles, 1950sDocks, Building, Hotel, Banff, 1940sMcDougall Memorial United Church, fence, gate, building, Morleyville Settlement, Morley, Alberta, T0L, CanadaCalgaryCalgary, downtown crowds, summerChurch, Cathedral, Chapel, Christian, Religion, Building, Port Renfrebuildings, skyline, CalgaryHighway, CalgaryWelcome to the Province of Alberta, signWelcome to BanffWelcome Canada, Waterton Lakes National  Park, border crossingBuilding, Hotel, Banff, 1950sPrince of Wales Hotel, wooden 7 story building, spire, Waterton Lakes National Park

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