Bay, shore, coastline, 1960sBay, shore, coastline, 1960sHotel Reforma, Acapulco, 1960sInterior, building, 1950sCathedral, Cars, automobile, 1950sChurch, Tower, Cross, 1950sTower, Merida, 1950sPyramid, Stairs, Steps, Teotihuacan, Hidalgo, 1950sDragon, creature, Xenomorph SpigotPyramid of the Sun, Teotihuacan, Hidalgo, 1950s
Bay, shore, coastline, 1960s
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Bay, shore, coastline, 1960s
Power Boat, Small Craft, Maritime, Boating, Motorboat, Transportation, Acapulco, City, Mexico, Mexican, Scenics, Architecture, Structures, South America, Latin America, Towns, Cities, Country

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