10949, SBB class, Ae4/7 locomotive, Zurich, 1950s11852, Ae 8/14, Electric double locomotive, The Swiss Transport Museum, Lucerne, 1950sWillamette Shay gear-driven logging locomotive, Water Tower, Rail Road Park, DunsmuirRail Road Park, DunsmuirSP 3201, Brisbane, CaliforniaBrisbane, CaliforniaSP 3201, Brisbane, CaliforniaSP 1442 head-on, Brisbane, CaliforniaSP 2267, Southern Pacific, Switcher, Round-HouseCar Carrier, Car-Train, 1950sNo. 216, 2-6-2, Railroad Tracks, Prairie Loco, Wuhan Hubei, China, April 1981SP 3189, Southern Pacific, CaltrainNew Car Transport, Railroad TracksRailroad tracks, bridge, trains, Frankfurt, GermanyBavarian B IX 1000, Landwuhrden steam locomotive, 2-4-0
Brisbane, California
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Brisbane, California
This image was made at the old rail yard in Brisbane California. It no longer exists.
San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA, Diesel Locomotive Power, Engine, Diesel-Electric, loco, Diesel Electric, Freight Train, Railroad, Commerce, Transportation, business, Track, rail, Transport, freightage, hauling, Rail Road, shipment, shipping, transit, Railroadiana, Commercial-Shipping, Industry, Industrial, History, Archives, Railfan

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