Men pushing and pulling on a cart with bricks, on the Streets of MumbaiHauling Garbage for Recycle, woman, sari, Lady, Women, Female, on the Streets of Mumbai, Men, Pulling a cart, Pushing, on the Streets of MumbaiOxen and Cart, Man, Mumbai, BombayColorful Towels, Mumbai, BombayMumbai, BombayBrahma Bulls, Cattle, Cart, Blue Horns, SevegramDonkey, Cart, Tree, Dirt Road, Roadway, Highway, Trees, Somalia, unpavedSmiling Man, Donkey, Cart, Desert, PersonDonkey, Cart, Desert, PersonBayad TalukaRoad, Roadway, Street, Trees, Bayad TalukaHorse, Bayad TalukaBayad Talukaox, Bayad TalukaBayad Taluka
Mumbai, Bombay
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Mumbai, Bombay
India, Asia, East Indian, Asian, Asiatic, Trucking, Truck, Commercial, Vehicle, Transportation, Commerce, Mobility, Transport, Freight, Trade, Haulage, Haul, Hauling, Technology, On-Road, Industry, working, Commercial-shipping, Mumbai, (Bombay), Maharashtra, India, Asia, Asian, Asiatic, Animal, People, Drawn carts for Freight, Work, Hauling, Wagon, Transport, Transportation, draft-animal-powered
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Wernher Krutein

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