Circle Interchange, ChicagoCircle Interchange, ChicagoTaxi Cabs, intersection, trucks, Water Tower, ChicagoOverlook, Parking Loop, Highway 101, Marin CountyInterstate Highway I-80 beginsParking Lot, cars, Moscone Centertree shadows on the road, street, RichmondParking Lot, Cars, shadow, Richmondapproach to the Bay Bridge, Interstate Highway I-80Curve, Turn, Interstate HighwayHighway, cars, BurbankParking Lot, cars, Las VegasParking Lot, cars, Las Vegasintersection, palm tree shadow, cars, curve, Las VegasTaxi Cab, Arrows, curb, crosswalk, Sidewalk, Las VegasTaxi Cab, Parking, parking lot, parked cars, stalls, sedan, Las Vegas
Parking Lot, cars, Moscone Center
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Parking Lot, cars, Moscone Center
San Francisco, California, USA, City, Yerba Buena Gardens, SOMA, Roadway, Road, Transportation, Aerial, Vehicular, Historry, Archives
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Wernher Krutein

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