turbine, generator, rotor, Niagara Falls Dam, MROAswan High Dam, Nile RiverAswan High Dam, Nile RiverAswan High Dam, Nile RiverAswan High Dam, Nile RiverHills, mountains, irrigation pumps, rice fields, Araniko Highway, NepalWater Pipes, Pipeline, Pumping Station, Araniko Highway, River, NepalAraniko Highway, NepalFlaming Gorge, UtahFlaming Gorge, UtahFlaming Gorge, UtahYangtze River, Hubei, ChinaYangtze River, Hubei, China, PanoramaGlen Canyon Dam, Tonalea Coconino County, Arch-gravity dam, Colorado River, Lake PowellGlen Canyon Dam bridge, steel arch bridge, US Highway 89, truss, Page, ArizonaVisitor Center, building, Glen Canyon Dam, Page, Arizona

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