N830BE, Business Express, Short SD-360-300, PT6AN319AM, ATR-42-300, American Eagle EGF, ATR-42 seriesN884DV, Business Express, BEX, BEX-Business ExpressLone Wing in Flight, FlightBoeing 757G-BNLK, Boeing 747-436, British Airways BAW, 747-400 series, RB211-524G, RB211I-DEIL, Boeing 767-33AER, CF6-80C2B6F, CF6, 767-300 seriesDouglas DC-3 Twin Engine PropBoeing 307 StratolinerBoeing 307 StratolinerBoeing 307 StratolinerBoeing 307 StratolinerLanding, Basler BT-67, Turbo-67, Basler Turbo Conversions Llc, N40386, Firefighting Airtanker, PT6AN394DL, Boeing 767-324ER, Delta Air Lines, CF6, 767-300 seriesN12116, Boeing 757-224, Continental Airlines COA, 757-200 series, RB211N307AL, American Airlines AAL, Boeing 767-223

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