G-ALZV, Airspeed AS.57 Ambassador, Autair Airways, Liverpool - John Lennon AIRPORT LPL, milestone of flightBOAC, Lockheed ConstellationPP-YSB, Lockheed Constellation, Varig AirlinesN9751C, Lockheed Constellation L1049G, Trans International AirlinesN90823, Lake Havasu Airlines, Lockheed Constellation L749Lockheed Constellation L749, Lake Havasu Airlines, N90823G-AHEL, Lockheed Constellation, European AirwaysG-AOYG, Vickers Viscount 806G-AOCB, INVICTA International Airlines, Vickers Viscount 755DG-AOCB, Vickers Viscount 755D, INVICTA International AirlinesN1298, Vickers 798D Viscount, Essex International, 1967, 1960'sCF-THB, Vickers 757 Viscount, Air Canada ACACF-THB, Vickers 757 Viscount, Air Canada ACAVickers ViscountBEA, Vickers Viscount, British European AirwaysG-AVJB, Vickers Viscount 815, British Midland

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