Man, Diving Board, Swimming Pool, 1950'sWoman with Hat, 1950'scrowds, beach, sand, over population, ocean, water, mass humanity, 1950'sAwahnee Lodge, Hotel, Winter, Couple, Man, Woman, 1950'sSierra-Nevada Mountains, Yosemite, 1950'sTropical Beach, Man, Woman, Couple, BirdsLounging, PoolsideWaikiki Beach, Diamond Head, Outrigger, Dugout, Pacific Ocean, 1950'sWaikiki Beach, 1960'sWaikiki Beach, Women, Relaxation, 1960'sCrowd of Women, Pearl Harbor, Honolulu, 1960'sRecliner, Relaxing, Lounging Woman, Docks, Pier, Boat, Lake, 1940's1950'sBeach, Sand, Ocean, Parasol, Sandy, Paget Bermuda, 1950'sWoman on Beach, Towel, Sand, Smiles, 1950's
Tropical Beach, Man, Woman, Couple, Birds
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Tropical Beach, Man, Woman, Couple, Birds
Swimming, swim, sport, Water, Pool, Swimmer, aquatic, Man and Woman, Couples, People, Person, Human, Female, Male, Man, Woman, Loving, Couple, Fun, Playful, Vacation, Recreation, Relaxing, Rest, Relaxation, Tourism, People, Enjoyment, vacationer, History, Archives

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