prancing step along the beachthe ocean mist of cloudsstriations of misty drifty snowPensivly walking amidst the oceans pauseshadow of beingamong the wavey waveGlory, Love me, light and its shine from afar, In the Spirit of Light, Marin HeadlandsIn the Spirit of Light, Marin Headlands, CaliforniaIn the Spirit of Light, Lone and peaceful, Golden Gate Overlook, Cloud Sunset, Marin Headlands, EquanimityMavericks Crowds in the early 1990's, hill, hillsideSunset Cratera child prances in discovery
shadow of being
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shadow of being
Bridge, Crossing, Span, People in Nature, Abstracts in Form, Body, Human Figure, Artistic, Shape, Pose, Surreal, Existential, Spiritual
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Wernher Krutein

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